Dawn chorus walk - Sunday 26th April 2009

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(in the order recorded)
Number noted
(individual birds)
Blackbird 22
Wren 15
Robin 7
Pheasant 1 A cock heard to the north-east of Winchester Street.
Woodpigeon 75
Blue Tit 3
Song Thrush 3
Canada Goose 9 All moving to / from the filtration pools.
Rook 13
Dunnock 8
Goldfinch 6
Goldcrest 3
House Sparrow 9
Little Grebe 1 One 'trilling' on the filtration pools.
Great Tit 4
Mallard 11
Coot 3
Chaffinch 7
Grey Wagtail 1 One heard over the filtration pools.
Cuckoo 1 One singing in the Station Road / Osier Cottage area.
Chiffchaff 1 One singing in Flashetts.
Collared Dove 7
Moorhen 2
Blackcap 1 One singing in Flashetts.
Long-tailed Tit 1
Greenfinch 5
'Feral Pigeon' 13 Sat atop The Old Rectory.
Starling 7
Grey Heron 1 East along The Test at 06:41.
Rabbit 3 A black 'bunny' in the filtration pools area.
Brown Trout 3 One off Station Road, two off Bridge Street.

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